Easy to Follow, Step-By-Step Debt Elimination Guide

Credit Card Debt Settlement Guide

-This guide is jam packed with money saving information you can use right away to successfully negotiate with your creditors and debt collectors. There are over 250 pages filled with insightful information that will teach you how to Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars.

Debt Elimination Work Book

Credit Card Debt Elimination Workbook

Don’t worry, there’s no extensive homework here, this simple workbook will help you create a personalized debt elimination program, based on your finances and your debts, that will help you become debt free in the shortest period of time possible…while saving you the most money off your debts.   

27 Insider Debt Negotiation Tips & Strategies Guide

27 Powerful Credit Card Debt Elimination Tips & Strategies

This guide will arm you with some of the most powerful and important information that you need to know when dealing with your creditors and debt collectors and will show you how to immediately deal with these entities on Your Own Terms
– Not Theirs!  


Easy To Use – “Debt Negotiation Scripts”

Credit Card Debt Negotiation Scripts

Don’t worry about not knowing what to say to your creditors or debt collectors; we’ve got you covered.  Included with this money saving program are scripts that will show you “What to Say & What Not to Say” to your creditors and debt collectors and how to handle their various objections. These scripts are so powerful they will make debt collectors think you were a professional debt negotiator.


25+ Debt Elimination Letters

25+ Prewritten Editable Debt Elimination LettersIncluded with this program are some of the most powerful debt elimination letters available.  These letters are customizable and can be used during every stage of negotiating your debts and are guaranteed to help you settle your debts and save money. 

These letters alone have been proven time and time again to save consumers thousands of dollars off their debts and can help you do the same.


10 Hours of Valuable Audio Sessions

Debt Elimination Audio CD Book

These powerful Audio Sessions are extremely valuable when it comes to eliminating your debts.  These sessions will walk you through the process of negotiating and settling your credit card and unsecured debts and reveal to you the inside secrets to help you successfully deal with your creditors and bill collectors.  Easily listen to these information packed sessions while driving or while relaxing at home. 

Video Series 1:  “10 Debt Elimination Videos”


Credit Card Debt Elimination Videos

– These videos are a companion to the Debt Elimination Guide and will show you how to “Slash Your Monthly Credit Card Payments By Half” and save thousands off your credit card and unsecured debts.  This video series shows you some of my most powerful debt elimination tips and strategies that you can immediately implement to Start Eliminating Your Cash Draining Debts.


Video Series 2:  “Your Rights & How to Protect Them”


FDCPA Video Series

This Video Series reveals what your rights are, what laws are in place to protect your rights, how to protect your rights against harassing debt collectors, how to know if your rights are being violated, and how to take action against anyone trying to violate your rights.  


Video Series 3:  “How to Reduce or Eliminate Collection Calls”


Greatly Reduce of Stop Collection Calls

– This Video Series shows you how to Greatly Reduce or STOP Collection Calls.  No-one can guarantee that they can stop all collection calls but this video series will help you come close, by showing you various methods to reduce harassing collection calls at home, at work, to your cell, as well as collection calls  to your friends, family members, and neighbors. 


30 Days Unlimited Support


Debt Settlement Support & Customer Service

I understand that dealing with your debts can be stressful, confusing, and even downright scary.  That’s why you get 30 days of unlimited email and live chat support  ($97 Value) to help you quickly get started on settling your debts for pennies on the dollar.  For investing in our exclusive program you will have access to our team of experienced and professional debt settlement experts to help guide and support you.  My team and I are here to answer any questions you may have and to help you maximize the savings off your debts.  


What this Ultimate Debt Elimination System will show you: 

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