Hello Friends,

If you are drowning in debt with creditors circling you like sharks, and you don’t know how you’ll escape… then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Because here’s really good news for you…


My name is Jason Oswald and what I’m going to tell you will transform your life. 

Back in 2000, my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was only given 6 months to live. I took time off work for the last few months she had to live.

Taking the time off took a toll on my finances… I burned through all my savings accounts, investments, and everything else.

I dug a $60,000 hole for myself.

I was receiving dozens of collection calls every week. They didn’t care to hear about my dying mother or my reason for delinquency. All they wanted was their money.   More about how I got out of that mess in a minute.

Here’s the kicker … At the time, I was working as a debt collector myself, so I knew exactly what I was dealing with … I knew what they could and couldn’t do and say to me. They tried to scare me and manipulate me, but it didn’t work.

After dealing with that nightmare, I decided to help others get through the same ordeal I did.

Long story short: In 2001, I started my own debt negotiation / settlement service called National Debt Consultants Inc.

Over the past 16 years I‘ve personally helped thousands eliminate their credit card debts while and save millions of dollars in the process… I’d like to do the same for you.

Here’s how…

I’ve taken my 16 years of insider knowledge of the collection & debt settlement industry and created the ultimate easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that shows you how to easily negotiate and settle your own debts for pennies on the dollar, on your own terms, without paying an expensive service.

Remember that $60,000 hole I dug myself into? This is the actual system I used to pay off that huge debt in less than 24 months for only $17,000.



Negotiating and settling your debts for pennies on the dollar is easy once you know how to do it… and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either.

Anyone armed with this powerful insider-knowledge can become debt-free when they put these principles and techniques to work for them.

Just listen to what these folks have to say:


“I wanted to thank you for assisting me in handling my debt load. Your advice and system gave me the courage and incentive to deal with the creditors and settle on all of my cards. I saved over seven thousand dollars by settling with the credit card companies. Your advice was sound and greatly appreciated.”  – Mark S., OR

“I made the mistake of using an expensive debt settlement service spending over $3,000 before I cancelled and ordered this program and I’ve saved $20,000 off my debts-on my own.”  – Ruth T., TX

“I was able to become debt free in 28 months and save over $36,000. This program is worth 10 times as much as what I paid.” – Adrian, MN

Are these people any different than you? No, they’re not. You can clearly see that these are regular people who were looking for the major shift in their life to propel them out of debt.

The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside… and give this system a try. 

If you simply put any doubts aside for a short time, you can see for yourself just what it’s like to live debt-free faster than you ever dreamed possible… and slice thousands off your debt so fast your friends will wonder how you did it so quickly!


You see, for years the only way to learn these debt-freedom secrets was to become a debt collector… and who wants to do that?  

The publication of my system, The Do It Yourself Debt Negotiation / Settlement System means you can discover the one thing that can skyrocket you out of debt.  And you can study it in the comfort of your own home. 

The Do It Yourself Debt Negotiation Settlement System tells you exactly what you need to know for getting out of debt. It also is pretty blunt about what you need to avoid at all costs.



 Justus Debt has been using the secrets in this program for over 4 years.  This inside knowledge has saved our clients millions of dollars!  Many of them averaged well over 70% reductions on their credit card debts when using this system!  These are the secrets that Creditors, Collection Agencies, and Collection Law Firms DO NOT want you to know!   I, much like Jason Oswald (CEO NDC) know this, because I was once the Collection Manager for one of the largest Debt Buyers in the country.  This program will not only show you how to leverage significant credit card reductions but it will also show you how to protect yourself against the relentless collection industry!  My company, my staff, and myself endorse this program 100%!!”
– Dean Newton, CEO of Justus Debt



Invest in my Do It Yourself Debt Negotiation Settlement System today and discover: 

    • How you can “Save Hundreds of Dollars” off your credit card debt payments every month . . . It doesn’t matter how much you owe.  My system will show you how.

    • Why this system will show you how to create true freedom from debt. . .  No matter how busy you are or how little money you have.
    • How you’ll finally be able to turn your financial fear into a thing of the past.  Your fears will no longer dominate your life and hold you back.

      You will step through your fears to become Debt Free in as little as
      12-24 short months just like I did.
    • How to take control of your financial life as soon as
      possible.  You will
      actually jumpstart your debt-busting life as you go through each part of the system.
    • Why the “take massive action process” is so simple you’ll be astounded by your rapid success to becoming debt-free at last.


This system will not only show you how to become debt free but will also show you:

    • How to Cut Your Monthly Credit Card Payments in Half
    • How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Credit Card Interest
    • How to Stop the Credit Card Companies From Tapping Out All
      Your Assets and Bleeding Your Wallet Dry
    • How to Rebuild Your Credit Without Being Broke and Bogged Down By Debt


Easy to Follow, Step-By-Step Debt Elimination Guide

-This guide is jam packed with money saving information you can use right away to successfully negotiate with your creditors and debt collectors. There are over 250 pages filled with insightful information that will teach you how to
Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars.



Debt Elimination Work Book

Don’t worry, there’s no extensive homework here, this simple workbook will help you structure a debt elimination program that will help you become debt free in the shortest period of time possible…while saving you the most money off your debts.   




27 Insider Debt Negotiation Tips & Strategies Guide

This guide will arm you with some of the most powerful and important information that you need to know when dealing with your creditors and debt collectors and will show you how to immediately deal with these entities on Your Own Terms – Not Theirs!  



Easy To Use – “Debt Negotiation Scripts”

Don’t worry about not knowing what to say to your creditors or debt collectors; we’ve got you covered.  Included with this money saving program are scripts that will show you “What to Say & What Not to Say” to your creditors and debt collectors and how to handle their various objections. These scripts are so powerful they will make debt collectors think you were a professional debt negotiator.

25 Debt Elimination Letters

Included with this program are some of the most powerful debt elimination letters available.  These letters can be used during every stage of negotiating your debts and are guaranteed to help you save money. 

These letters alone have been proven time and time again to save consumers thousands of dollars off their debts and can help you do the same.

In Additional You’ll Also Receive the Following:

 5 Audio CDs

These powerful CDs will walk you through the process of negotiating and settling your credit card and unsecured debts and reveal to you the inside secrets to help you successfully deal with your creditors and bill collectors.  Easily listen to these information packed CDs while driving or while relaxing at home.   


3 Powerful Debt-Busting DVD’s

DVD 1:  “10 Debt Elimination Videos”

These must have videos will show you how to “Slash Your Monthly Credit Card Payments In Half” in half and save thousands off your credit card and unsecured debts.  This DVD shows you some of my most powerful debt elimination tips and strategies you need to know. 



DVD 2:  “Your Rights & How to Protect Them”


This DVD reveals what your rights are, what laws are in place to protect your rights, how to protect your rights against harassing debt collectors, how to know if your rights are being violated, and how to take action against anyone trying to violate your rights.  



DVD 3:  “How to Stop Collection Calls”

This DVD shows you how to prevent collection calls before they even start and STOP any debt collection calls that you may already be receiving. You’ll learn how to Stop Collection calls at home, at work, to your cell, and to your friends and family members. 




Powerful  Done-For-You “STOP Collection Calls” Letters

These letters are an added bonus and can be used in conjunction with “How To Stop Collection Calls” DVD. It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out what to say and the right way to say it.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right Stop collection letter, you can now have an entire collection of hard-hitting, collection-halting letters ready anytime you need them.

These simple (yet extremely powerful) letter templates are of vital importance on your way to eliminating your debts.

30 Days of Unlimited Support

I understand that dealing with your debts can be stressful, confusing, and even downright scary.  That’s why you get 30 days of unlimited support to help you quickly get started on settling your debts for pennies on the dollar.  For investing in our exclusive program you will have access to a full team of debt settlement experts to help support you.  My team and I are here to answer any questions you may have. Continued support available for $97 per month thereafter and will be billed through PayPal or other service.  


              • How you can easily negotiate and settle your debts like a professional, saving you thousands.
              • How to “Slash Your Monthly Credit Card Payments In Half”, allowing you to keep more of your money every month

              • How to “Avoid Bankruptcy” while paying off debts for mere pennies on the dollar.

              • Understanding the credit industry and their internal processes and how you can use this to your advantage!
              • An insider’s look at the collection industry and how to easily and successfully deal with them on your own terms. 

              • All about collection attorney’s and how to beat them and protect your income wages and banking accounts from being drained by them.

              • Your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (aka FDCPA) and how knowing this puts you in the driver seat.

              • Surefire ways to “Immediately Stop Debt Collection Harassment!”

              • How to stop collection calls once and for all

              • The 27 must know rules of engagement for settling your debts

              • Determining the best debt negotiation strategy to save you the most off your debts

              • How to calculate settlement amounts that will be accepted by your creditors and will “Save You Up to 80% Off Your Debts”

              • What amounts and percentages you can expect to offer and the difference between a poor and a great settlement

              • Scripts that will show you exactly what you should say to bill collectors, collection attorneys, and debt purchasers

              • How to finalize your debt settlements and protect yourself

              • Knowing the statue of limitations on debt collection in your state and how this can save you big time

              • How to prevent having your wages garnished and your banking accounts drained by bank levies

              • PLUS, 100 pages showing you exactly how to take swift action against debt collectors and get paid up to $1,000 per their violation of your rights

              • Much More . . . 




Debt Settlement Contacts
  As the owner of a debt settlement service, I have established hundreds of contacts within the credit and collection industry. 

As a bonus for investing in my program today, I will share these inside contacts with you. Debt settlement doesn’t get any easier than making a simple calls to my established contacts and saving thousands off your debts. 


Credit Improvement Program – Rebuilding Your Credit to “AAA” rating is easy once your debts are out of the way.  This program will provide you with easy to follow and implement step-by-step instructions on how to quickly restore and rebuild your credit to “AAA” rating in no time.  ($295 Value)


Money Resources Ebook – This is a powerful ebook that I personally created that will show you how to quickly come up with cash to take care of your debts.  It will also provide you with valuable tools to help you get out of debt and start creating wealth.


You have to realize that this collection of debt-busting techniques and information could easily sell for thousands of dollars.  

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my regular consultation fee.  In fact:


Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’re in a bind just like I was, I’d really like to help you get out of debt the fastest way possible… So we both win!


Let’s take a look at a comparison chart using the following figures:

  • Debt Amount:                    $38,000
  • Settlement Percentage:           50%
  • Program Term:                  36 Months* 

As you can see, you’ll save a lot more money by settling your own debts instead of paying an expensive debt settlement service thousands of dollars
money you could use to pay off your debts.

In addition, this is the only program that offers you a “100% Iron Clad” money back guarantee. 



Here’s my challenge to you:  Invest in yourself with this system and put it to use for six months.

After studying and following my instructions, word-for-word, in this powerful debt negotiation system:  If you haven’t experienced a reduced pay-off of your debts and saved yourself a ton of money… then I insist that you ask for your money back.

Simply show me proof of your negotiation efforts and I’ll gladly refund the full purchase price of this system minus any shipping costs.


You can receive credit of the purchase price to use towards using our Debt Settlement Services.

You risk absolutely nothing and you stand to gain everything today.
Is that fair or what?  So act now and sign up! 


But it won’t happen totally on its own…  You’ll need to put in the time listening and watching the system materials to get yourself out of debt.

And, if you’re willing to do that, you’ll find it to be the easiest way ever for smashing your debt to smithereens.

With my program, you’ll use the same inside knowledge, techniques and strategies that debt settlement companies use everyday. You can easily deal with your creditors and negotiate your own debts for pennies on the dollar.

If you want to truly “Be Debt Free” & “Save Thousands Off Your Debts” . . .

Then don’t waste another minute stressing about what you are going to do about your debts.


If you’re looking forward to a richer, fuller, debt-free future, there’s no better time than now to get started. 

And you can take the first step toward that more rewarding life by ordering a copy of The Do It Yourself Debt Negotiation/Settlement System right now.


If you have any questions about this money saving, powerful debt elimination program, please contact me toll free at 877-244-0612.

Here’s to unleashing your debt-free life, 


P.S. Don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from improving your life and becoming debt-free. You have nothing to lose, but your cash draining debts.  Do yourself a favor and order this money saving system today. 

P.P.S. This program is a physical product, you will receive the entire debt negotiation / settlement system within 7-10 business days.